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Our consultants are highly qualified and experienced in developing test systems and system architecture.


  • Gold Alliance Partner of National Instruments
  • Experts in LabVIEW system development with a wide variety of test applications
  • Expertise in a wide variety of other tools, including TestStand and VeriStand


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Remote Measurement

Our robust remote measurement tools make it possible to monitor conditions in remote locations.


  • Measurement of water levels, flow, and depth
  • Monitoring of diesel-powered machines
  • Measurement and reporting of weather conditions


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Spectral Data Analysis

Our products are complete, turnkey systems for recording, storing, channelizing, and analyzing data from broadband real-time spectral analyzers over an extended period.


  • Signal Intelligence range covers the entire spectrum of RF wideband products
  • Data recording becomes a simple, intuitive task
  • Customizable, powerful, and stable products


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